V92 Digitape Master Degausser
Compact, high-energy media eraser
Key Features:
  Desk-top degausser
  Handles almost all magnetic media formats
  High Energy
  Easily Transportable
  Erase tapes in as little as 10 seconds per tape
  Simple to Use
  Up to 180 per hour throughput

Compatible Media:

  DVC Pro, Hi 8 Data
  Data Diskettes
  QIC-DC 600, 2000
  TK50, 70, 85
  Super DLT I, II & III
  Ultrium LTO 1, 2 & 3

V92 Digitape Master Degausser

The V92 Digi Tapemaster is probably the most compact, high energy eraser available for users who require a highly efficient, non-continuous, low volume degausser. Capable of erasing all high energy magnetic media, oxide or metal based, the V92 Digi Tapemaster is suitable for almost all applications for magnetic media users.

The V92 Digi Tapemaster is a low noise, manually operated unit which sits neatly on a table top. No compromise has been made when it comes to performance. With erasure levels below -75dB for high energy metal tapes and below -90dB on standard oxide tapes, complete erasure is assured every time. Erasure time is also extremely quick, taking as little as 10 seconds to erase each cassette.

The V92 Digi Tapemaster provides a truly universal, desk-top, magnetic media degaussing facility that meets the needs of a diverse range of user groups using a wide range of audio, video and computer tapes, and cassettes.

pricing information

Warranty: One year parts and labour, optional extended warranty available details

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