V660 HDD Evo Degausser
High energy, concentrated degausser for erasure of PC hard disk drives
Key Features:
  Effectively erases hard disk drives
  No need for operator to handle drive during degaussing
  5 second erase cycle
  Remote control, operation from up to 15 metres
  High energy for complete erasure
  Table top design
  Cost effective

Compatible Media:

Hard Disk Drives, PC HDD, PC Hard Drives

V660 HDD Evo Degausser

The V660 HDD Evo is a high energy, bulk eraser especially designed to tackle the erasing of hard drives.

Hard Disk Drives

The vulnerability of information stored on PC hard drives is a recognised security risk. Unlike other PC data storage media the hard drive always stays with the PC. Every time a PC leaves a company’s control all the data and company information will go with it.

Even if the hard drive breaks down the storage platters will still contain information which could be read once repaired.

The V660 degausser is the surest and quickest way of eliminated information from hard drives. Although in most cases this will render the hard drive inoperative, the cost of a replacement hard drive cannot be compared to the cost to a company if sensitive information can be read by a third party.


Hard disc drives are placed in to the V660 eraser, the lid is closed and the degauss button pressed. As hard disk drvies are erased in a single pass, very little user intervention is required.


With safety in mind and to meet the latest NCNIRP Magnetic Exposure Guidelines, the V660 can be operated remotely via the infrared control. The unit can be locked in the manual or remote operation postition by removing the key.

Warranty: One year parts and labour, optional extended warranty available details

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