VS250 Hand-held VHS degausser
Manual eraser for VHS, audio and floppy disks
Key Features:
  Hand held eraser
  Ideal for erasing small quantities of VHS and audio tapes
  Rugged, comfort-moulded ABS Cycolac case
  Powerful 2400 gauss field
  Thermal cut out prevents overheating resets automatically
  Perfect for the CCTV industry
  Easy to activate on/off power switch
  Up to 18 per hour throughput

Compatible Media:

  VHS tape (up to 0.5", not super VHS)
  Audio cassette (not metal)
  Beta tape (not BetaMax or BetaCam)
  3 1/2" floppy disk and VHS-C
  IBM Cartridge

VS250 Hand-held VHS degausser

Used audio and video tapes can perform like new when you take a few seconds to completely erase previous recordings with this professional, powerful tape eraser.

The VS250 is a hand-held unit which erases audio and video tapes, including S-VHS. For computer use, it can be used for floppy disks, 3.5" disks and tapes up to 0.5" wide. The VS250 provides a dependable and transportable Audio/Video Tape Eraser at a price to meet the tightest of budget constraints. Altogether, the VS250 provides heavyweight performance at lightweight prices!


With the push button, power switch held on, move the unit to the tape. For audio cassettes, one swipe across the tape is sufficient to erase it completely. For VHS cassettes, rewind the tape and pass the unit in a circular movement over the tape. Turn the tape over and repeat. The unit will operate for approximately 2 minutes before cutting out for a cool down period of about 10 minutes.


The VS250x is only available in the Americas but offers a more powerful erasure. The VS250x is identical to the VS250 but also erases Super VHS, metal audio cassettes, 8mm (not Hi8) and DAT.

Warranty: One year parts and labour, optional extended warranty available details

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