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V6000HDD Max - Hard Disk Drive Degausser
Degausser for complete erasure of large volumes of hard disk drives
Key Features:

High energy 5000 gauss field

  Meets latest Magnetic Exposure Guidelines
  Fast, Reliable Conveyor System
  Single Pass erasure of Hard Disk Drives
  8 Hours of Continuous Degaussing
  High Throughput
Average 6 second erase time per drive
  Infrared Remote Control Operation
  Up to 300 per hour throughput

Compatible Media:

  PC Hard Disk Drives / Hard Drives

V6000HDD Max - Hard Disk Drive Degausser

The vulnerability OF information stored ON PC hard drives IS a recognised security risk. Unlike other PC DATA storage media the hard drive always stays WITH the PC. Every TIME a PC leaves a company's control all the data and company information will go with it. Even if the hard drive breaks down, the storage platters will still contain information which could be read once repaired.

In keeping with our policy of recognising user requirements we have introduced the V6000 HDD Max, a state-of-the-art one pass conveyor degausser designed for the volume erasure of hard disk drives. The specially designed high intensity coils ensure complete erasure of hard drives in large quantities, perfect for IT logistic and security providers.

Although in most cases this will render the hard drive inoperative, the cost of a replacement hard drive cannot be compared to the cost to a company if sensitive information can be read by a third party.

The performance of the V6000 HDD Max will satisfy requirements for large volumes of hard disk drives to be erased. Hard disc drives are placed on the belt and guided through the 5000 gauss erasure field. The V6000 HDD Max regulates temperature to eliminate excessive heating of the hard drive casing. Up to 300 hard drives can be erased per hour.


With safety in mind and to meet the latest ICNIRP Magnetic Exposure Guidlines, the V6000 HDD Max can be operated remotely via the infrared remote control. An input hopper option is also available.

Warranty: One year parts and labour, optional extended warranty available

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