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Mag EraSURE™
High energy, concentrated degausser for erasure of PC hard disk drives
Key Features:
  Effectively erases hard disk drives
  No need for operator to handle drive during degaussing
  40 second erase cycle
  High energy for complete erasure
  13,000 Gauss
  Durable permanent magnet technology for long product life
  Fast and quiet automatic operation
  Trolley mounted
  Listed on NSA Degausser Approved product List (NSA/CSS EPL-9-12A-D
  Meets DoD requirements for degaussing all magnetically recorded data on hard disk up to 5300 Oe and tape up to 2600 Oe

Compatible Media:

Hard Drives: 2.5", 3.5" and 1.8" (up to 1 inch height) Tape: DLT, LTO, 3480, QIC. Removable Magnetic Disk: 3.5" floppy Disk, Zip, Jaz, Rev, Orb

Mag EraSURE™

The Fujitsu Mag EraSURE™ ME-P3E degausser leverages leading-edge technology, using a rare earth permanent magnet to degauss all magnetically recorded data.

Hard Disk Drives

The Fujitsu Mag EraSURE™ erases media by passing it through a large magnetic field. Once exposed to the permanent magnet in the device, data becomes unrecoverable by commercial means. In addition to purging recorded information on the unit, including servo and calibration data, the degausser also destroys the read/write heads.


Featuring one-touch operation, the Fujitsu Mag EraSURE™ is extremely user friendly. Simply insert the drive into the degausser, push the button. and the device handles the rest. If not power is available the Mag EraSURE™ can also be operated manually via a crank handle.

NSA Approved

MagEraSURE is listed on the NSA Degausser evaluated products list as well as meeting all DoD requirements for degaussing recorded data on hard disk and tape.

Warranty: One year parts and labour, optional extended warranty available

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