TECHNI-CLEAN Computer Room / Tech Room Cleaning
What is a "HEPA" filter
Causes of contamination in the computer room
Types of Contamination
Minimizing contamination
If your firm is like most, your success depends on accurate and up-to-date information from a sophisticated computer. Your data processing center may be the most expensive part of your business to operate. Each generation of computer technology offers speed, power, and accuracy far greater that the generation before it. With advances in technology, data processing equipment has become increasingly vulnerable to contamination. Dust in the room atmosphere and crumbs from lunch can lead to expensive computer downtime.
Techni-Clean specializes in the detection, reduction, and elimination of computer room contamination. Techni-Clean draws on many years of experience in the science of computer room cleaning. Each data center has it's own unique environment so TECHNI-CLEAN develops tailored programs for the initial elimination of contamination and offers a program for continued maintenance to keep contamination at the lowest possible level.
Micro-contamination that can only be seen by high power microscopes can bring a million dollar computer center to a screeching halt. While all manufacturers emphasize the importance of cleanliness in a computer environment, the subject is seldom taken as seriously as it should. Ambient room contamination has been responsible for the loss and destruction of more computer tapes, diskpacks, and computer hardware that the combined destructive power of computer operators, mechanical malfunctions, and power outages. The result of contamination is lost man-hours, lost machine time, and wasted budget dollars. Just as never changing the oil in your automobile eventually destroys the automobile engine, computer room contamination may be invisibly eating away at computer performance and secretly increasing the financial overhead necessary to keep the computer operation functioning at a high level.
TECHIN-CLEAN uses cleaning agents that are completely compatible with the computer room environment. The molecular structure of our cleaning agents insure that computer room equipment and furnishings will not be harmed and residues will not accumulate.


Sub-Floor Services include:

  • Clean top, sides, and bottom of floor panels
  • Vacuum under raised floor using special multi-filter vacuum cleaners
  • Clean floor panel stringers
  • Notify computer Operations Managers of potential electrical problems
    and potential structural problems
    • Hazardous/flammable items stored under floor
    • Obstructions to efficient air flow
    • Holes in sub-floor walls that may inhibit Halon effectiveness

Above Floor Services include:

  • Vacuum and clean computer furniture
  • Spot clean doorknobs, switches, fixtures, etc.
  • Clean air-conditioning registers if possible
  • Polish glass and plastic surfaces
  • Brush-vacuum ceiling surfaces (if needed)