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Custom Protective PlexiglassControl Panel Covers
The cheapest insurance you'll ever buy!

Protect your data center from unnecessary and expensive downtime due to errant mop handles and wandering elbows. Clear (or tinted) Switch-Guard Plexiglas control panel protectors provide inexpensive insurance against expensive downtime caused by employees brushing too close to equipment switch panels and accidentally shutting down a critical piece of equipment. Sleep better at night knowing that your computer, or your electrical equipment, will not be shut down because a janitor accidentally hit a control switch with a mop handle.

Clear acrylic SWITCH-GUARD
control panel protectors offer
a clear view of control panel
status. The hinges on the protective
covers allow quick and easy access
to control switches.

SWITCH-GUARD control panel protectors are made of 1/8 inch thick clear or smoke-color acrylic. They clean up with common glass cleaners.

SWITCH-GUARD control panel protectors attach to equipment with double-sided adhesive foam tape that can be removed with common acrylic paint reducer

Tell us the model of the equipment you want to protect, or, give us the dimensions of the switch area you want to protect, or, give us the dimensions of the cover you would like to have made . . . . .we can manufacture to your specifications.