Switch-Guard Control Panel Protector

INSTRUCTIONS: Because of the profusion, and constant changes, of equipment models and styles over the years, and to insure that there is no confusion concerning which control panel cover you are ordering, in addition to equipment and model number we ask that you describe your control panel cover on our order form as Style 1, 2, or 3 and give us approximate dimensions of the control panel opening you wish to cover.

Option 1: Call us and a representative will assist you. (ph: 877-216-7875 / 770-977-9448)
Option 2: When ordering, use the 3 Style drawings below to describe the cover(s) you need. E-mail a list of all the covers you need to us.

(click here for order form when done with calculations for each cover)
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Call for pricing. Pricing depends on size and type of material.

Note: Side A, the hingeplate, will always be 1 inch unless customer specifies otherwise.