ORDER FORM for Switch-Guard Control Panel Covers

(if this is another cover in a continuation of a multiple-cover order, just      
enter your Company Name and thenjump to the Switch-Guard Specifications section)

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Switch-Guard specifications: (from webpage entitled "Do-it-yourself pricing"

Brand, Model, Equipment Description (tape drive, disk drive, etc) and description of the location of the opening that panel will cover....

Brand Model Equipment Description

General Location of Cover Placement

Style (1,2, or 3 from "Design" webpage):      
Width of opening Switch-Guard panel will cover (in inches)    
Height of opening Swith-Guard panel will cover (in inches)      
Depth of Switch-Guard cover (in inches - Styles 2 & 3 only)    

Will you lift the cover up to gain access to the controls, or open it to the left or right to access the controls? 
The answer to this question will determine whether the hinge is at the top of the cover, or on the left side of the 
cover, or on the right side.