BOW Industries Incorporated
SDLTa Series

SuperDLT Cartridge Tape Cleaner/Inspector


SDLTa-II (with Autoloader) shown


Backwards compatible (SDLT & DLT)
Cleans, retensions and optically scans SDLT & DLT-type cartridges in one pass
200 ips operation
Automatically advancing tissue cleans both sides of the tape
Easy access to cleaning stations
Most advanced Optical Inspector system available
Minimizes wear on heads and greatly reduces dropouts
10 Cartridge Autoloader 
Magnetic Testing option available

BOW Industries, leader in the quality control of magnetic media for over 35 years, is proud to introduce the first SDLT (Super Digital Linear Tape) cleaner available on the market. The SDLTa cleaners employ the basic time proven cleaning principles that have been the hallmark of BOW's commitment to quality tape care. The all new Super DLT cartridge tape cleaners clean, re-tension and optically scan (or magnetically tests) Super DLT and DLT-type cartridges.

The benefit of cleaning your Super DLT and DLT tapes is the assurance that your cartridges are functioning at optimum performance levels. By removing surface debris that interferes with head to tape contact, you greatly reduce dropouts as well as prolong the life of expensive magnetic heads. At 200 ips (inches per second) the
SDLTa cleaners can process a SDLT cartridge in less than four (4) minutes, a 1200 foot DLT cartridge in less than three (3) minutes, and a 1828 foot DLT cartridge in less than four (4) minutes.

In one cycle the tape is automatically extracted from the cartridge, wrapped around four (4) automatically advancing tissue stations, cleaned by a sapphire blade (if engaged), optically inspected (or magnetically tested) and then ejected or returned to the magazine (
SDLTa-II or III). The automatically advancing cleaning tissue is made of non-shedding nylon material that is placed in such a position, both upstream and downstream of the sapphire cleaning blade, that both sides of the tape are cleaned twice. The cleaning blade, which burnishes the tape, is a precise bi-directional double-edged sapphire blade designed to remove debris adhered to the tape.

The Optical Scanning feature allows you to purge your library of defective cartridges thereby improving the system process time. The optical scanner detects edge damage and tape deformities, such as creases and folds. An indicator on the control panel is provided that counts and displays the number of defects in the tape. In the SDLTa-I tape cleaner, after the tape has been cleaned/inspected, an UP and DOWN scan feature indicates the location of each defect that occurred. A print option (P) can be added to provide the operator with a hard copy of the scan information (defect count and location). On those units with autoloaders (SDLTa-II & III) the user can process a magazine of up to ten (10) SDLT and DLT cartridges at a time for hands-off operation. This option gives the operator a simple PASS/FAIL indicator for each cartridge so that when a magazine of cartridges is completed the status of each cartridge is clearly displayed as PASS or FAIL. If a detailed analysis is required (defect count, position and sequence number) units with an autoloader must have the printer (P) option installed.

As an alternative to optical inspection, a Magnetic Testing option is available. This option records a 1 MHz sine wave across the full width of the tape. The tape is then read by an in-line multi-track longitudinal head to detect signal loss, thereby detecting magnetic defects in the tape. Those units with magnetic testing have an additional control panel located in a separate cabinet beside the SDLTa unit. The panel contains separate Threshold and Duration selections for the tape edges and center areas. A Test On/Disable button is also provided to enable or disable the magnetic testing option. During testing, the tape speed is reduced to 120 ips.

An Erase (E) option is also available that allows the operator to erase unneeded data from the tape, eliminating the need for expensive degaussers. Once cleaned, scanned and erased, the tape can be used with the assurance and reliability you look for in a new tape.


Drive Speed

200 ips (inches per second) / 5.08 mps (meters per second), 
120 ips during Magnetic Testing / 3.05 mps (if applicable)

Physical Characteristics

Dimensions (Cleaner only)

15.125" (384 mm) W x 11.00" (279 mm) H x 13.50" (343 mm) D

Dimensions (with Autoloader)

15.125" (384 mm) W x 11.00" (279 mm) H x 24.00" (610 mm) D
Note: Does not include magazine or interface plate.

Dimensions (Analyzer Only) 13.75" (349 mm) W x 4.00" (102 mm) H x 16.50" (419 mm) D


SDLTa-I: Approximately 30 lbs. (14 Kg), Shipping: 41 lbs. (19 Kg)
SDLTa-II: Approximately 45 lbs. (21 Kg), Shipping: 63 lbs. (29 Kg)
SDLTa-III: Approximately 55 lbs. (25 Kg), Shipping: 73 lbs. (33 Kg)

Operating Environment

Temperature Range

53.6 F to 80.6 F (12 C to 27 C)

Humidity Range

30% to 70% non-condensing


7,500 feet (2,286 meters)


90 days, part & labor Return to factory. Phone & e-mail technical assistance for life of machine.


110 to 240 VAC, 48 to 62 Hz, single phase power source

Ordering Information
Single Load DLT & SDLT Cleaner/Inspector
SDLTa-I with 10 Cartridge Autoloader Option
SDLTa-II with Magnetic Testing Option
Available Options
Audible Alarm (Indicates Eject and End of Cleaning Tissue)
Serial Printer (Table Top) with RS232 Serial Interface
Erase (Full Width)
Autoloader with 10 cartridge magazine (Upgrade)
Additional Magazine for Autoloader
Magnetic Testing
Magnetic Testing with Erase

SDLTa-III Analyzer Module Shown

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