Data pure
3590 Cleaner/Scanner

Data pure
Model 3599

Data cartridges, like all magnetic media, require periodic cleaning and retensioning to remove surface debris and dirt that interferes with proper head/tape contact. The 3599 automatic cleaners thoroughly clean and retension all IBM and compatible half-inch data cartridges that are compatible with the IBM Magstar System (3590). The new Extended Length option permits the machine to process both regular and extended length tape cartridges, even when both are in the magazine at the same time.

Cleaning Method

The machine uses a vacuum-assisted gemstone-cleaning blade to remove contamination from the oxide surface of the tape. Each blade is good for 2,000 passes. The machine automatically indicates when the blade requires changing.

Two cleaning tissues are used to remove contamination from both sides of the tape, and the machine automatically indicates when the tissue cartridges require changing.

Retensioning Method

The machine drive design incorporates hydrostatic air bearings to minimize tape contact and friction. It uses microprocessor controlled tension transducers to provide accurate winding and tensioning. Air filters and ionizers are included to purify the environment and eliminate static. The microprocessors automatically set tension per ANSI standards for each type of cartridge.

Autoloader - Ten Cartridge Magazine

The 3491e is fast enough to clean ten (10) tapes unattended in less than half an hour. Cartridges are housed in a removable ten-cartridge magazine that is placed in the loading mechanism for processing. Each cartridge is then automatically positioned, loaded, processed, and unloaded sequentially. 

Optical Scanner (OPTION)

This optional feature provides detection and recording of any physical tape imperfection. Wrinkles, edge stretches, oxide voids, shedding oxide, or any anomaly on the oxide surface is detected. Defects .0025 inches or larger are detected.


  • Extended Length (3590e) option available.

  • Easy replacement of cleaning blade and tissues.

  • Measures tape length and identifies short tapes.
  • Retensions tape to meet IBM approved specifications.
  • Automatically recovers from most error conditions. Maintains a unit error log in memory for improved maintenance.
  • Hydrostatic bearings in tape path to minimize tape contact and friction.
  • Static Eliminator
  • 16 character operator display.
  • Drive is Microprocessor controlled, pulsed-width modulation (PWM) brushless DC reel motors, Bi-directional dynamic braking.
  • Fully compatible with cartridge magazine (holds 10 cartridges) from StorageTek’s 3590 Cartridge Tape Subsystems.
  • Sequentially loads, and unloads following cleaning, up to ten (10) cartridges. This means one-half hour of unattended operation.
  • Detects and reports wrinkles, edge stretches, oxide voids, shedding oxide, or any anomaly on the oxide surface .0025 inches or larger (Optical Scanner option required).
  • Automatically recalibrates sensor bias level at start of cleaning, retensioning and inspection of each cartridge tape.
  • Printer output - Provides summary report of errors detected during cartridge evaluation. Report includes number of errors and location on tape (Optical Scanner option required).
  • No data on the tape destroyed and the tape itself remains unharmed.

Tape Speed
Power Requirements
Safety Considerations


3 meters/sec. (118.2 ips), approximately 1.9 minutes/cartridge
115 VAC, 60 Hz; 220 VAC, 50 Hz; 100 VAC, 50/60 Hz (2 Amps)
UL and FCC approved
29" (483 mm) long x 19" (737 mm) wide x 8" (203 mm) high
Shipping: 39" (991 mm) x 28" (711 mm) x 26" (660 mm) high
80 lbs (36.4 kg); Shipping Weight: Approx. 110 lbs (50 kg.)

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